Trust and Trustee Services

For almost 1,000 years, families have been using trusts to preserve and manage their wealth for the benefit of their heirs. Throughout their history, trusts have provided people with a means of protecting their assets and controlling the manner these assets are used after they have been placed in Trust. In addition, Trusts may provide protection against overseas expropriation of assets, high taxation and forced inheritance.

Selecting a trust is unique to each person’s circumstances. It depends on the benefits a client is looking for and what purpose the trust is looking to serve. Based on practical knowledge and extensive experience we construct the right trust structures in the right jurisdictions to suit our client’s needs.

FOA primary trust services include:

  • Establish various types of trusts
  • Acting as Trustee
  • Trust Administration, Accounting and Reporting
  • Assisting clients in sourcing independent services such as legal and tax advice
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